Law on foreign nationals


A foreign national may be granted a Schengen visa or a domestic visa.

A domestic visa entitles its holder to enter the territory of the Republic of Poland for a single stay or a few subsequent stays in that territory, with a total duration of up to 90 days within the validity period of the visa.

A Schengen visa or a domestic visa may be issued for one of the following purposes:

  1. tourism;
  2. visiting relatives or friends li>
  3. participation in sports events;
  4. running a business;
  5. performing work during a period 6 months within subsequent 12 months, based on a declaration of intent to entrust the performance of work to the person concerned; such a declaration must be registered at a poviat-level labour office;
  6. performing work under a document other than the one mentioned in point 5 above;
  7. engaging in cultural activities or participation in conferences;
  8. performance of official duties by representatives of an official body of a foreign country or an international organisation;
  9. undergoing the first-cycle study programme (bachelor), second-cycle study programme (master), a uniform master programme, or a third-cycle (doctoral) study programme;
  10. professional training;
  11. education or training in forms other than those mentioned in points 9 and 10;

  1. didactic purposes;
  2. engaging in scientific research or developmental work;
  3. transit;
  4. air transit;
  5. medical treatment;
  6. joining, or staying with, a citizen of another EU member state, an EFTA member state – a party to the European Economic Area agreement, or the Swiss Confederation;
  7. taking part in a cultural exchange or educational exchange programme, a humanitarian aid programme or work holiday programme;
  8. arriving in the territory of the Republic of Poland as a member of a repatriate’s closest family;
  9. taking advantage of rights arising from holding the Karta Polaka card (Pole’s Card;
  10. repatriation;
  11. taking advantage of temporary protection;
  12. arriving for humanitarian reasons, in view of a state interest or international commitments;
  13. taking advantage of a temporary residence permit for the purpose of family reunification;
  14. a purpose other than those listed in points 1 to 24 above, justifying entrance of a foreign national into the territory of Poland.