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Tolerated residence permit

Tolerated residence


Our law firm offers assistance in obtaining a tolerated residence permit in the Republic of Poland for foreign nationals. Our law firm will assist in taking all steps required to obtain a tolerated residence permit. As the procedure requires numerous contacts with various official bodies, out staff will offer assistance at all stages of the proceedings. Given our extensive experience in such cases, the procedure of obtaining a tolerated residence permit can be conducted efficiently and without undue complications.


Tolerated residence permit


A tolerated residence permit in the Republic of Poland may be granted to foreign nationals if there are serious grounds to assume that the person concerned has committed a crime or incited someone else to commit a crime. A foreign national may be obligated to return in three cases, as described below:

  1. expulsion may be effected only to country where, in the meaning of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, drawn up in Rome on 4 November 1950:
    • this person’s right to life, freedom and personal security would be threatened, or
    • this person might be subjected to torture, or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, or
    • the person might be coerced to work, or
    • the person might be deprived of the right to fair trial or be punished without legal grounds,

– in cases where there are circumstances justifying a refusal to grant a residence permit on humanitarian grounds, as referred to in Article 349, or

  1. expulsion is unenforceable for reasons beyond the control of the authority competent to execute the decision on expulsion, and beyond the control of the foreign national concerned, or
  2. expulsion may only be effected to a country to which expulsion is inadmissible upon a court decision or on the basis of a decision adopted by the Minister of Justice refusing to extradite that foreign national.”