About Us

Services for Individual clients

Our law firm specialises in cases under the criminal law, business law, civil law, administrative law and inheritance law. In civil law, we take on family cases and divorces. Moreover, we represent our clients in indemnity claims (related to transport, personal interests or assets) against insurance companies and other entities. We also provide assistance with regard to personal interests and the law on foreign nationals. The members of our team communicate in English. Whenever necessary, we will also use translators and interpreters of languages other than English. Our detailed range of services is presented under ‘Individual clients’.

Legal services to businesses

Our law firm in Warsaw offers comprehensive legal services to businesses. We assist companies in pursuing their claims in business cases and protect their interests against potential risks which may occur in business operations. Depending on our clients’ choice, we will either provide services on an ad hoc basis, for specific assignments, or under long-term contracts (a choice offered by many other renowned law firms). A list of some of our clients with a description of specific services catering to business clients can be found under ‘Business services’.

Our team

The members of our team comprising attorneys and attorney trainees draw on their experience in the practical application of law to offer top quality legal assistance, promptly and effectively. Working with commitment, our priority is to win our clients’ cases and to present the most favourable solutions for their needs.

Where we are

Our office is located in Warsaw but we represent our clients in court proceedings throughout Poland. Alternatively, we might refer our clients to other trusted law firms in Poland which work with us.