Our fees

Our law firm uses a variety of payment arrangements, depending on the types of services rendered and on our clients’ preferences.

The cost of legal advice will be included in the total fee if the client decides to entrust their case to us or to use some other type of our legal services.

The fees for legal services entrusted to us (e.g. preparing a legal opinion, drawing up a court submission) are payable in advance.

If we represent a client in multi-step proceedings, the fee for each step (e.g. pre-trial proceedings or proceedings before a court of a particular instance) is payable in advance.

If a regular service contract is signed with a client, we charge a flat fee on a monthly basis or a quarterly basis.

In court disputes (e.g. regarding payments, indemnities, legitim), our fee includes an individually negotiated success fee, computed as a percentage of the sum won and enforced.

We also provide our services based on hourly rates. In such cases the total fee for our services is based on the total number of hours actually worked by our lawyers on the case.