Inheritance law

Our law firm in Warsaw offers the following types of legal advice and legal services in the field of succession and inheritance:

  • legal advice in inheritance and succession matters;
  • drawing up claims of succession (intestacy and testamentary succession, inheritance cases);
  • helping clients to obtain a notarial certificate of inheritance (out attorney will help you to prepare the required documents);
  • drawing up claims for legitim;
  • representing clients in judicial proceedings in matters relating to claims of succession and legitim;
  • representing clients in any judicial and non-judicial proceedings and activities related to matters of succession and inheritance;
  • drawing up appeals against judgments of the first instance court and representing parties in appeal proceedings.

Inheritance law – acting under client’s mandate

Our law firm offers legal services in the area of inheritance law. Sooner or later, everyone will be involved in a case of succession at some stage of their lives. This is why we approach each case individually, bearing in mind that inheritance law often concerns delicate matters of private life. We offer comprehensive services to handle clients’ cases, reaching the desired outcome. Our attorney will help clients to carry out extrajudicial division of estate. Our law office in Warsaw will also carry out other legal activities related to succession and inheritance.

We provide legal advice also in other individual cases in the area of inheritance law, reviewing each problem separately. Our attorney will provide clients with the necessary legal advice, and then independently perform all necessary steps to achieve the final outcome expected by the client.

Claims of succession


We conduct proceedings related to claims of succession. Our attorneys will help you to draw up the required written claim to initiate proceedings for a declaration of inheritance. Our law firm will help you to determine the circle of all the heirs and establish whether or not the deceased left a will. Our attorneys will represent clients in proceedings related to claims of succession until the end of the relevant court hearing.

Inheritance law – inheritance


Our law firm handles issues of inheritance and offers assistance in any case of succession, whether testamentary inheritance or intestacy. Our law firm will carry out a comprehensive check of the heirs designated by the testator. Out attorneys will help the heirs to acquire all the rights and obligations where the deceased was subject to such rights and obligations..

Inheritance tax – legitim


Our law firm also specialises in legitim, which is a special institution of inheritance law. Legitim is often the only security for people who have been omitted in a will. Our attorneys will determine the circle of persons entitled to legitim, i.e. the descendants, spouse and parents of the deceased. Attorneys will help clients to obtain the amount of money which is due to the person entitled to legitim.