To address the needs of our clients, our law firm provides comprehensive legal assistance in issues related to dissolution of marriage.


A hihgly experienced divorce attorney in our law would, among others:

  • draw up a divorce petition and other written statements of claim;
  • represent the parties in divorce proceedings before courts of both instances;
  • draw up appeals against judgments in divorce cases;
  • participate in mediations;
  • conduct and participate in negotiations.

Our law firm also runs all kinds of family-related cases.

In the case of interest in carrying out the divorce proceedings, we invite you to a personal meeting in our office with attorney Aleksandra Pietkiewicz, a specialist in family law (divorce, alimony, division of property). In order to arrange a meeting time (also after 17.00 PM) please call us 8.00 AM – 17.00 PM.



In the Polish legal system divorces are granted only by the court, after proceedings where the grounds for divorce specified in the family law have been demonstrated. A divorce ruling is issued once the court has established that there has been a permanent and complete breakdown of marital life between the spouses. If those conditions are not demonstrated during the proceedings, the Court will dismiss the action for divorce and the marriage will continue.

Divorces are not granted in cases where a divorce ruling would go against the best interests of minor children of the parties, or if divorce would go against the principles of social coexistence. Divorces are additionally complicated in a situation where the spouses demand the court to determine which party is guilty of the breakdown of marriage: the court may rule that eight both spouses are guilty or only one of them is guilty of the breakdown

Decisions regarding guilt are not only symbolic, but also have legal consequences for the maintenance obligation between former spouses. In addition, the divorce decree must regulate the situation of the parties’ minor children (parental authority, contacts, maintenance), and this matter often escalates conflicts in divorce cases. In the divorce decree, the court may also regulate the use of common housing by the parties, and, in exceptional circumstances, also order the eviction of one of the spouses. It is important to remember that it is the party’s obligation to prove the circumstances which give rise to legal consequences.

Therefore, a passive attitude during divorce proceedings may lead to an unfavourable judgment. This means that a good divorce lawyer is needed in order to dissolve marriage efficiently and effectively. The parties usually do not know which approach would be beneficial for them in divorce proceedings.

A good divorce lawyer will help the parties to develop such an approach, taking account of the customer’s expectations and the specific circumstances of each case.