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Our attorney has extensive experience in criminal cases. The attorney represents individuals who have been detained or imprisoned and provides legal advice. The attorney also prepares pleadings, such as appeals, complaints or cassation appeals, and also represents clients in proceedings before the court and in preparatory proceedings. The attorney also represents wronged persons in criminal proceedings. Moreover, the attorney represents auxiliary prosecutors. Staying in touch with the represented party, the attorney can help at any stage of proceedings.

Our lawyers conduct criminal cases relating to the following types of crimes:

  • criminal cases related to safety in traffic (traffic accidents), driving while intoxicated;
  • criminal cases relating to insults, violation of bodily inviolability, defamation;
  • criminal cases in economic relations, capital fraud, breach of confidence;
  • criminal cases related to property violations (theft, burglary, robbery, fraud, embezzlement);
  • criminal cases related to sexual offenses, crimes under Articles 197, 199 and 202 of the Criminal Code;
  • criminal cases against family and care (cruelty, actions detrimental to minors);
  • criminal cases related to the rights of people doing paid work (infringement of workers’ rights, breach of occupational health and safety);
  • criminal cases related to freedom (harassment, threats). (nękanie, groźba).

Our attorney offers the following services in the sphere of criminal cases:

  • our attorney will file a complaint against the decision to discontinue the preparatory proceedings or regarding refusal to initiate proceedings;
  • our attorney will give notice of suspected crime;
  • our attorney will represent the wronged person and the auxiliary prosecutor in preparatory proceedings and court proceedings;
  • our attorney will submit an application for damages and for compensation for the damage suffered;
  • our attorney will prepare a private indictment and will represent clients in private complaints;
  • our attorney will represent clients in criminal proceedings, in preparatory proceedings and court proceedings;
  • our attorney will represent clients in cases related to repealing a wanted notice;
  • our attorney will act on behalf of wanted persons;
  • our attorney will represent people who have been detained and/or imprisoned;
  • our attorney will file complaints against temporary detention;
  • our attorney will file an appeal against judgments made by the court of first instance;
  • our attorney will draw up an objection against an order of summary punishment;
  • our attorney will prepare a cassation appeal against a judgment made by the court of second instance;
  • our attorney will submit an application for the reopening of criminal proceedings which have been validly terminated;
  • our attorney will represent the convicted person in proceedings for clemency before the President of the Republic of Poland;
  • our attorney will represent the convicted person in executive criminal proceedings;
  • our attorney will seek conditional release of clients from serving the full sentence, and represent clients in cases of reinstatement of imprisonment;
  • our attorney will represent the convicted person in cases where a cumulative judgment is sought.

Sexual offences:

Our law firm also deals with cases of sexual offenses. In view of the delicate nature of such cases, our attorney or legal counsel will conduct each case in a sensitive and confidential manner, with the client’s interest in focus. Criminal law provides for severe penalties for those kinds of offenses. Criminal law qualifies sexual offences as ones which are tried on indictment. Therefore, both our attorney and our legal counsel will offer help in filing a notification of crime, and will offer assistance at further stages of the proceedings. Our law firm prepares all pleadings on behalf of our clients, starting from the notification of suspected offense through motions of evidence, up to indictment and means of recourse, i.e. complaints, appeals or cassation appeals. We also represent individuals suspected of committing this type of crime.