Individual clients

Copyright law

The subject-matter of copyright covers any expression of creative activity with an individual character, in any form, regardless of the purpose or manner of expression.

This is the definition of a piece of work which is protected under copyright laws. Clearly, this definition is very broad and, therefore, the scope of application of copyright provisions is also very broad.

Our law firm provides legal assistance in the field of copyright protection with regard to personal rights and economic rights.

We also draft and review agreements and civil law contracts concerning economic copyright, such as the acquisition of rights to a particular piece of work.

In relation to legal protection of copyright, we represent our clients in cases related to:

  • discontinuation of activities which may violate copyright;
  • taking action required to eliminate the effects of copyright infringement by making a public statement with a specific content and format;
  • compensation for unlawful copyright infringement;
  • redress of damage caused by infringement of economic copyright;
  • payment of remuneration for non-contractual use of another person’s work;
  • return of gains obtained in connection with non-contractual use of another person’s work.