Individual clients

Civil law and indemnities

Cases for the payment of dues – debt collection

In the area of civil law, our law firm represents individual clients and entrepreneurs in judicial proceedings in cases of payment of dues. Our representation begins with sending a pre-trial letter to the debtor, calling for voluntary payment of the amount due within a specified period, failing which the matter will be referred to the court. In the absence of reaction, our law firm will prepare a claim for payment and submit it to the court. After obtaining a final payment order or a judgment awarding payment, we will also represent our clients in enforcement proceedings conducted by bailiffs. Clients may choose a specific bailiff practice to carry out the debt collection.

Cases for protection of real property ownership

Our law firm also deals with issues relating to real property ownership and protection of such property. We help our clients to determine the legal status of specific real property and represent our clients in matters of restitution of their property and in proceedings aiming to reconcile the records in the mortgage register for the property concerned with the actual legal status. Our law firm also conducts cases related to acquisitive prescription and division of property.

We also specialise in recovering real property and in claiming damages for wrongful withdrawal of property from owners.

Drafting and reviewing agreements and contracts of civil law

On behalf of our clients, we also draft civil law contracts and business agreements. We review draft agreements and contracts which are presented to us. We prepare contracts of mandate, loan contracts, specific assignment contracts, services contracts as well as other contracts regulated by the Civil Code, and we also help our clients to draft the so-called ‘unnamed contracts’, i.e. ones which involve civil law relations but are not directly regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code. We also draft confidentiality clauses and non-competition clauses.

Cases related to protection against disturbance of possession

We represent our clients in cases regarding protection against disturbance of possession. In these cases, we send petitions to courts claiming restoration of disturbed possession and prohibition of violation of ownership in future. We represent our clients during court proceedings and at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

Cases related to damages and compensation

Our law firm provides legal advice in cases related to damages. On behalf of our clients we prepare claims for damages and compensation of the damage suffered. We also represent our clients in lawsuits claiming damages and compensation. Moreover, we represent our clients in conciliation meetings, as well as in mediation proceedings related to redress of damages and compensation for the damage suffered. As in cases related to payment, our law firm represents clients in enforcement proceedings conducted by a bailiff once a writ of enforcement has been obtained from the court.