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Administrative law

After administrative courts were introduced into the Polish legal system, administrative proceedings turned into four-instance proceedings.

Any administrative decision made by a public authority may be appealed against via an appeal to the authority of a higher instance. If, however, the second-instance body issues an unlawful administrative decision as a result of the appeal, the interested party may file a complaint against that decision to the local regional administrative court (voivodship level). Then, the ruling of the regional administrative court may be appealed against via a cassation appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Our law firm specialises in drafting appeals against the decisions of first-instance public administration bodies, and in drafting complaints against decisions of second-instance bodies to the regional administrative court. We also prepare cassation appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court against judgments issued by regional administrative courts.

Our law firm also prepares complaints to regional administrative courts against:

  • decisions issued during administrative proceedings;
  • decisions issued in enforcement proceedings and proceedings to secure a claim;
  • acts and activities in the field of public administration, concerning the powers and duties arising from applicable laws;
  • acts of local law adopted by local government bodies and local bodies of central government;
  • acts adopted by local government bodies and their associations, in matters related to public administration;
  • acts of supervision over local government bodies;
  • inaction of public authorities.